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How Can I Stop My Child from Biting His Nails

Nail biting is one of the most common habits that your child will acquire. Some kids bite their nails out of boredom, others because of stress and anxiety. Nail biting can last for a small period of time or can continue with your child till his adult life.

The most important thing is not to punish your child or threaten him. You will have to discuss with him the disadvantages of this habit especially that he is eating dirt and reward him if he stops. It can be a problem if your child starts to tear his nails off which causes bleeding.

How to stop nail biting?

  • Keep your child hands occupied. Give him a squeezable ball to play with whenever he is watching TV, read a book for him and let him flip the pages, offer him some crayons to color whenever he is sitting alone.

  • Ignore this habit. Don’t shout and don’t punish him.

  • Talk to your child. If he is under stress or anxious, it is very important to relieve him. Just by listening to him you may help him to eliminate his fears.

  • You may use chemical products as nail bitter polish. Apply it on your child nails.

  • Help your child if he wants to stop. Encourage and reassure him. Discuss with him different techniques to stop this habit.

There are many techniques to stop nail biting habit. Each child has his own way to cope with each technique. The more you let him cooperate in the process, the more likely you will succeed and the best way is to listen to your child whenever he feels stressed or anxious. Show him your love whatever his nails look like.

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