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Fun Easter Activities

Easter time is full of activities for the kids. Families plan to spend the day together and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. To make the day more wonderful, plan some activities for your kids and let them help you with the decorations. Here are some lovely fun activities:

  • Egg decorations

There is no Easter without egg decoration and egg fight. Prepare some boiled eggs and a big basket with hay in it. Place them on the table with paint, stickers, glitter… Let your kids decorate them with paint and Easter stickers. On Easter morning ask your kids to pick an egg and let the fight begin! The egg that cracks the most eggs is the winner. To make more fun, record these memories on your camera and watch them later on. Great souvenirs to cherish and to keep for the future.

  • Egg hunt

Plan an egg hunt for your kids on Easter day. Prepare small baskets that you can make out from coloured crepe paper and fill them with hay. Let the kids decorate those bags with stickers and paint. Hide the eggs and the candies all-around your house or outside in the garden. Let the kids search for their trophies!

  • Easter cookies

Baking homemade Easter cookies is a tradition that has been going for years from generation to generation. Special cookies are made on Easter to celebrate the day. Put on your apron and let your little chef help you preparing those yummy cookies.

  • Easter goodies bags

Let your child prepare Easter goodies bags to distribute to his friend or siblings on Easter morning. It is a very important activity that teaches the child how to be generous, to be kind to each other and forgive each other.

Enjoy Easter Day!

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