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First Pregnancy Symptoms

Many women feel by intuition that they are pregnant. Maybe this is related to the excessive production of progesterone and the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG). Every pregnant woman will discover a new world the minute her pregnancy is confirmed.

There are lots of signs that can show your pregnancy:

  • Missed Period: It usually happens two weeks after conception. This is the first sign but could be not affirmative since any woman can experience amenorrhea especially if she is stressed out, sick or had a shock. Some women experience some spotting which they might confuse with a period.

  • Morning Sickness: Most of pregnant women feel nauseated and queasy two weeks after conception. Others may not feel anything. This feeling can happen early in the morning or can stay through the day. Some women may experience a severe case of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum.

  • Tender Breasts: This is one of the early signs of pregnancy. Your breasts will grow in size and become tender. The nipples color gets darker. All these symptoms are due to the change of hormone levels in your body.

  • Fatigue: You will feel suddenly tired and sleepy. This feeling is related to the increased level of progesterone which has a sedative effect. It will disappear once you start your second trimester.

  • Frequent urination: The urge to visit the bathroom several times per day is also one of pregnancy signs. The increase of blood flow in your body fills your bladder quickly which makes you urinate more.

  • Odors: You may find that your familiar odors as your perfume, body shower gel, or even the food that you use to love becomes repellent for you. We do not know exactly what triggered these symptoms but researchers refer them to the increased level of estrogen hormone in your body.

  • Food craving: You have definitely heard about pregnant woman craving for food. You will notice a crushing need to eat certain kind of food.

  • Pregnancy test: Done early in the morning, your home pregnancy test will show a positive sign for pregnancy. Congratulations!

Some of pregnant women may not feel any symptom, others may have them all. The good thing is that they disappear after the first trimester. Once you realize that you are pregnant contact your doctor for the first visit.

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