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First Day at School

Finally, the big day has arrived! Your little baby has grown, and today is the first day at school. You prepared the backpack, clothing, and lunch box the day before, and you put your child to bed early so everything will be ready for school the next day.

You've taken all the necessary steps to be ready, and then you hear your child saying, "I don't want to go to school." They'll start crying, grab your leg, and refuse to enter the classroom. You feel awful and miserable because you don't know what to do or how to get your child to accept the situation. It's perfectly natural. When children are introduced to a new environment, they experience anxiety.

Pay attention to the teacher's directions. They understand how to react in similar circumstances far better than us. They may persuade you to leave. It will be difficult, but it is effective. If you return in 5 minutes, you might find your child happily playing with his classmates in the classroom.

There are simple rules to follow on your child’s first day:

  • Keep a big smile on your face.

  • Try not to carry your child into the classroom. Let your child walk in.

  • Be confident. Your child can read your signs. If you feel anxious, your child will be more scared.

  • Introduce your child to the teacher and point out fun stuff in the classroom.

  • Do not seek permission from your child to leave. Just say firmly that you have to go and you will come back to pick them up.

  • If your child is clinging to you, do not let the instructor take her/him away. It will worsen the situation and make your youngster dislike the teacher. You must explain forcefully that S/he must remain in the school and that you must depart for work.

  • Be on time to pick up your child. It is very important that S/he knows you are waiting for them when they finish school day.

Some children will need more time to adjust to school, while others will say goodbye from the moment you drop them off with no separation or anxiety difficulties. Don't worry; they still adore you and see it as a blessing!

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