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Fake Tans During Pregnancy: Safety And Effects

Summer is finally here and you are eager to go to the beach to get this glowing brown skin color. But what if the sun heat harmful? Can I use the fake tans? Would it harm my baby? Or what can be the side effects?

Fake tans are so common and popular that you can find them in any store and in every beauty salon. They are affordable and can be used at home. No need for a professional to prescribe them. However, as a pregnant woman you should be aware of their side effects before using them. There are different types of fake tans:

  • Tanning pills: They are chemical pills and can pass through your bloodstream to your baby. They are banned in the US and UK. Keep away from them.

  • Tanning injections: They are harmful to pregnant women and still under testing. Do not use them.

  • Sun beds methods using UV rays which can reach the baby and be harmful. As well the overheat generated by the booth might increase your body temperature. Also when using tanning salons, you need to make sure to check hygiene and safety levels.

  • Tanning cream or mousse: They contain a chemical ingredient called “Dihydroxyacetone” (DHA) which is a non-toxic chemical which interacts with your skin by producing a brown pigment called melanoidin. Till now, we do not know the absorbing level of the cream through the bloddstream and thus we recommend not to use it.

  • Tanning sprays: They have similar composition as the tanning creams. The main side effect is that you may inhale these chemicals while spraying your body.

When using fake tans, you should be aware that during pregnancy your hormones levels change your skin responses differently than before. You should always test the fake tans on a small area 24 hours before using it to eliminate any allergic reaction even if you have used it before. Always consult your doctor before using them.

For a summer glow look, it is better to follow the old-fashion tanning and start building it gradually, 30mn every day. You need to always keep hydrated and well covered.

Enjoy your summer look!

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