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Egg Hunt Game

A lovely game that you can prepare for your kids and their friends on Easter Day!

What you need is a bunch of coloured eggs that you will have to hide in the garden or in the house if you live in an apartment.

The kids should hold a basket and will try to find as many eggs as they can. The child who gets the most eggs will be the winner and will receive a big egg made of chocolate.

To prepare the kids baskets, you will need:

  • Empty ice cream container

  • Various colours of “crepon” paper

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Easter grass

How to make it:

Cut “crepon” paper into rectangles shapes. Use different colours.

Line the side of the ice cream container with glue. Place the rectangle papers on top of the glue so that the long ends of the rectangles hang evenly over the outside and the inside of the rim. Allow drying for about 10 minutes.

Put glue along with the handle. Starting at one end of the handle, wrap the thin crepon strips around the handle, overlapping as you go, until the handle is covered completely.

Cut three egg shapes and glue them to the front of your Easter basket. Cut a piece of green paper into small strips and press into the glue to create grass and stick it under the eggs.

Fill the bucket with Easter grass.

Make one bucket for each child and let them have fun!

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