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Early Risers

It is 6 am on a Saturday morning and your kids are already awake, full of energy and ready to hit the day. Unfortunately this early morning rise is common every weekend, holiday and day off. Many tired parents complain from this sleep related issue and they all search for a good solution to keep their kids in bed longer in the morning.

There are several solutions that you can follow to teach your child to stay in bed:

  • Evaluate your child’s sleep pattern. If your child is sleeping too early at 7pm, then naturally he will wake up very early in the morning.

  • Minimize the nap time for your child.

  • Eliminate disruptions such as too much light, noise or hunger. Put blinds on windows to cover the early sunlight. Keep your child’s bedroom door half way closed and windows shut. For controlling early breakfast try to postpone breakfast 10mn each day so your child will be less likely to wake up for early breakfast.

  • If your child continues to wake up early after trying all solutions, teach him to play quietly in his room. Provide toys nearby to entertain your kids. Let them know exactly when they can get up and they must wait for a parent to come and get them out of their room in the morning.

Keep in mind that this habit won’t happen in a day. It needs practice and patience. Sometimes your kids will really need you in the morning. It is ok to go and check on them. After all, this comes with the parenting package!

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