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Does Santa Exist?

Every kid on the planet is waiting for the fat man to come down the chimney with a bag full of gifts. For most of them Christmas is all about Santa! We all know that Santa Claus is only a mythical character, and we often ask ourselves till when shall we let our kids believe in Santa.

There is actually no specific age when parents should reveal to their children that Santa doesn’t exist, but the important thing is not to try to prolong this fantasy when your children are ready to give it up. In fact, every child will come to a time when he’ll give you signs that he’s ready to give up believing in Santa. Your child might start getting suspicious about the different Santas you will see in the mall. He will also start asking how can he get to every house in the world in one night, or how can he get into houses with no chimneys, etc.

Thus, when your child starts showing you these signs, this means he’s ready to give up believing in Santa, and you can feel free to reveal to him that Santa is just a myth.

Christmas is all about magic, so let Santa add some magic to your kids’ Christmas!

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