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Develop Patriotism in Your Kids

Independence Day!

What is the meaning of Independence Day? Why are we celebrating it? Why we hold the flag and sing patriotic songs? Kids ask many questions related to this day.

Last month, when I was coloring a booklet with my nephews, I was astonished to see that they can relate each color to a different political party. Unfortunately political signs are taught to our kids before teaching them the flag colors and their meanings: a sad fact that affects our kids’ sense of belongings.

One of our greatest challenges is to teach our kids how to respect, honor and love their country, in another word how to be patriotic. Kids need to know that they belong to a society; they are part of their country’s future and will hold the ethics and morals that we teach them. Children should be taught the meaning of their country’s flag and what it would represent for them. As parents, there are several ways to teach our kids patriotism:

  • Sing with your child the National Anthem

  • Buy a flag and fly it. Teach your kids the meaning of the flag symbols. Tell them the story about how many people died to fly that flag and make our country free.

  • Attend patriotic parade and let your child share in the activities.

  • Get a history book about your country and read it with your child.

  • Listen to patriotic songs and teach them to your child.

As much as we want our kids to learn about patriotism we have to teach them to respect other countries and people no matter where they live or what country they represent.

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