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Decorate Your Pillow Case Yourself

Every kid had his/her favourite pillow, and we have to admit that a pillowcase decorated by the kid himself/herself will make his/her favourite pillow even more special and dear!

Decorating pillowcases is an easy craft your kid will enjoy doing alone or with friends during a sleepover party! Your help will also be needed!

Materials needed:

  • Coloured crayons

  • A white paper

  • A synthetic pillowcase

  • An ironing board with an iron

  • A thin cardboard

  • Fabric pens or permanent markers

  • Buttons and Ornaments

  • Sewing material

First, let your child trace or draw on the white paper the picture he/she chooses with coloured crayons.

Slip the pillowcase onto the ironing board and place the paper face down; it is better to put a piece of cardboard between the pillowcase and the ironing cover in order to prevent the design from bleeding onto the ironing board.

Now help your child with the ironing part: press the medium-hot iron straight down on the design, hold on for 1 second and lift it off; repeat this until the design is totally transferred to the pillowcase. When you remove the pillowcase from the ironing board, let your child outline the design with some fabric pens and permanent markers and maybe write some words he/she likes to add to the pillowcase. While drawing or writing on the pillowcase, make sure the piece of cardboard is still inside the pillowcase so that the paint doesn’t go through to the other side, or stick the two sides together.

To add a final touch to the pillowcase, help your child to sew some buttons on the edges or maybe 4 ornaments each one on a corner of the pillowcase.

Make sure that you give the pillowcase enough time to dry!

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