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Decorate Your Candle for Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a Christian commemoration of Jesus triumphal entrance to Jerusalem. It happens usually on Sunday that precedes Easter. It is a day of celebrations, especially for the kids. Palm Sunday known as “Sha3niné” in Arabic is also marked by the distribution of palm leaves or any other native trees as olive. Kids will be wearing nice and new clothes and holding branches of olive trees and decorated candles.

Palm Sunday morning is getting closer and excitement is in the air especially for kids! The stores are full of different kinds of candles to purchase, but what is more pleasant than to decorate a candle with your child! Believe me, it will double your child’s excitement!

To decorate a candle for Palm Sunday you will need:

  • A long white candle

  • A long enough ribbon to cover the candle

  • Some feather

  • Small flowers, butterflies, or Easter figurines (you can find them at any store)

  • Glue gun

Choose the material’s colours as per your child’s Palm Sunday’s clothes, so that the candle matches with them!

Wrap the ribbon all around the candle and use the glue gun to stick it every now and then to ensure that it’s fixed. You can wrap it tightly and cover all the white space of the candle, or you can leave some white space so that the candle becomes in strips. Using the glue gun again stick in the middle of the candle 3 feathers of different colours that match the ribbon. Then stick the small figurines here and there on the candle.

The candle is ready, the child is full of excitement, and Palm Sunday is almost here!

Enjoy this special day with your family and friends! Happy Palm Sunday!

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