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Dad's Fear

I'm terrified! Will I be a good dad? Will I be able to do everything? Will my life ever be the same?

Dad's fear is understandable, especially if this is his first time! Many questions are raised by first-time fathers that go unanswered for a variety of reasons. Men have a tendency to hide their emotions and not show them, especially in situations where they feel left out.

Don't worry! first-time mothers are just as anxious as you are. They ask the same questions because they are afraid. Babies might be intimidating for dads, but there is no choice but to learn how to hug and comfort them. Caring for your kid comes naturally, and understanding how to do so is the most amazing sensation you will ever have. Here are some ideas for new fathers to engage and relax:

  • Learn from experts - When your spouse is in the hospital, ask the nursing staff to show you how to change a diaper, hold your child, and bathe him. Please ask all sorts of health concerns related to your infant.

  • Take off time from your job and stay with your wife and baby at home.

  • Set family rules - Do not let third aid meddle in and drive you out of your role as a parent. Mothers and mothers-in-law frequently exclude fathers from caring for their children. Pay attention to their advise; redirect their assistance to the house rather than the baby.

  • Hold your baby whenever you can - Talk and sing while carrying your baby. Make it a point to play with your baby every day. Comfort your baby and hold him/her when they cry.

  • Assist with the feeding - If the baby is being fed with a bottle, try to give it to your bay. You can support your wife while breastfeeding by holding the baby and helping through the burping phase.

  • Use baby carriers - You may carry your baby while walking or doing household chores.

  • Participate in the baby bath - You can give your baby a bath or assist your partner in preparing the bath.

  • Communicate with your companion and assist her with her regular activities.

Just follow your intuition, don't stress out. Your spouse is more afraid than you are because she has experienced birth stress and body changes. Communicate, express your thoughts, and enjoy fatherhood.

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