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Dad and Baby games

Playing games with your baby from a young age is the most effective approach to bond! Every day, you may play some simple yet enjoyable activities with your baby!

Here are some fun activities ideas:

  • Make your baby laugh! Blow raspberries (cooing, giggling sound) on your baby's tummy when changing the diaper or after the bath; This tickling activity is enjoyable for both of you and helps your baby's laughing blossom.

  • Peek-a-boo! From the age of three months, your baby will begin to love this well-known game. This game promotes eye contact and face-to-face engagement between you and your infant, which aids in your bonding. Move your face out of your baby's line of sight, then back, shouting "peek-a-boo," and see how much fun your baby has!

  • “Fly” your baby! You may play this game with your baby after the third month once the neck control is fully developed. Raise your baby into the air, securely gripping him beneath the chest and belly, and "fly" around the room, moving up and down and altering your pace.

Cherish every single moment spent with your little one!

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