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Create a Sentence

An intellectual game that kids play at home or at school to practice their language skills. Prepare three or four sets of alphabet cards with one letter on each card. Give every child a paper and a pencil.

According to the age of the children decide on the length of the sentence that the kids will create. Put on the board as many blank lines as the sentence contains words. Each kid draws on his paper as many lines as you have put on the board.

Shuffle the alphabet cards and put them face down in a pile then ask a child to come to pick a letter card and put it at the beginning of any of the blank lines on the board.

Each kid puts the same letter in the same place on their paper. Repeat this process until there is a letter at the beginning of each line.

Now, children should create a sentence with words starting with these letters.

The first child to finish his sentence wins!

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