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Christmas Holidays

Christmas holidays are about to start and our children are so excited about having their Christmas break from school. As much as kids love Christmas holidays, as much as it can cause you worries, since it’s not easy to keep kids occupied during holidays, especially when you’re a working mother! Here are some ideas that will let you get the most of these Christmas holidays:

  • Baking: from toddlers to teenagers, kids love mixing and measuring, so you can spend some time with your kids baking some delicious threats for Christmas!

  • Talent show: kids love performing, so before you go to work tell your kids that tonight is the talent show night; let them put together a show and perform for you when you come back. You can invite the whole family to watch your little ones dancing, singing, etc.

  • Decorating: one of the most important parts of Christmas holidays are the decorations! Let your kids be involved in decorating the house.

  • Making gifts: you can take your kids to buy Christmas gifts for the whole family, but it would be more fun if you let them prepare homemade gifts. Crafts are kids’ specialty!

  • Christmas events: check the Christmas events that are going to happen in your town and take your kids to watch them; they will definitely enjoy the Christmas shows, parades, etc.

  • Snow trip: Christmas holidays is the perfect time to take kids on a snow trip and maybe even teach them skiing!

  • Homework: Don’t forget to make a schedule for your child’s homework. He can do his homework while you are at work. It will be also interesting to choose a Christmas story and read it with your kids everyday.

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