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Children Beggars

From their mother’s womb to the wild streets, those kids are born in an unfair world. Everyday we notice kids walking on the streets, between cars, knocking on windows and begging for their survival. A rising phenomenon we are facing yet not able to do anything to stop it. Many of those kids do not reach the window level of a car. They are so young but pressed by their parents or guardians to beg for food and money. Most of them are left in the streets for many days, sleeping under a hut or a kiosk or under the stairs of an old building. Definitely school is not part of their life.

Those kids are left with no love and attention from their own family. A large number has a weapon or knife, a tool that keeps them safe and protects them. They learn how to survive at an early age. They grow blaming their families and mainly the society for their destiny. They will become thieves, outlaws and criminals.

Streets should not be considered as home for these kids. Will your heart break if you see your own child in the same situation? Let’s say “No” to this phenomena, let’s try to fight it. Kids should be in their home and in their mother’s arms. How to help? We know that by giving money to those beggars we are encouraging them to come and beg for more and also the fact is that their guardians will take the money from them to spend it on alcohol, drugs and other stuff. You can help these kids by:

  • Giving them food

  • Buying clothes or giving old clothes from your child’s closet.

  • Give money to charities who take care of these kids.

  • You can distribute some coloring pens and booklets that they will enjoy drawing and discovering colors.

  • You can provide quilts, covers and blankets as well as babies’ accessories.

We know that kids beg because of poverty. We will not be able to stop it but at least we can react in a way to help those little angels and provide them the minimum that we wish for our kids.

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