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Children and the Fear of Fireworks

In many summer occasions fireworks are the heroes. Weddings, parties, fests, or even football matches usually finish by beautiful fireworks that we usually enjoy watching. This case is not the same for our kids, for they aren’t big fans of fireworks! Almost all the kids are afraid of fireworks; their loud voice scares them and makes them cry. Parents don’t always understand why the kids are that afraid of these beautiful shapes in the sky. Here are some tips that will help you ease your child’s fear of fireworks:

  • If you are going to a certain event with your child and you know that there will or might be fireworks, prepare your child in advance. Talk about how much fireworks are fun to watch, how bright and beautiful the colors are and how sometimes the fireworks even create pictures in the sky. Tell your toddler that the fireworks can be loud, but that they can cover their ears to make it better. Let your toddler know that there is nothing to be afraid of and that you will be right there with them during the whole fireworks shows.

  • Show your child photos and videos of fireworks. You can find many pictures and videos online; show them to your child so that they can be prepared. You can even turn up the volume of the video to help your child get use to the sound of fireworks.

  • Pick the right location while watching the fireworks. Make sure the place is comfortable so that you can cuddle your baby at any time. Try to choose a location that is far enough from where the fireworks are being shot off, because the further you are, the lower the explosion volume will be.

  • Make your child feel comfortable and safe during the fireworks show. Hold your child in your arms, cuddle him, etc. If they feel like covering their ears, let them cover them. Don’t force your baby to enjoy the show!

If nothing of these eases your child’s fear, he may just need to skip the show if possible and you simply need to wait for your baby to grow older to stop being scared of fireworks.

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