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Children and Fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan

The Holy Month of Ramadan has started, the month of fasting and praying. Should my child fast during the month of Ramadan? Every mother might ask herself this question during this holy month.

You should know that the Holy Qur’an exempt children from fasting, but they should be trained. What does that mean? It means you should start explaining to your children the meaning of fasting starting from their early age; they should know that fasting teaches patience, empathy, strengthens our mind and bodies and teaches us how to be merciful with the poor. Below are some tips for you to consider while teaching your child about fasting:

  • Children need nutrients to grow healthy; If they cannot fast from food, then they can fast from things they like such as watching TV, video games, sweets, etc. You can ask them for example to give up on watching TV and pray instead.

  • You should know that forcing your child to fast isn’t the right thing to do! They should be convinced of the importance of fasting. If you oblige your child to give up on video games for the whole month of Ramadan, this means punishment for your child, and not fasting!

  • Spend some time with your children in prayers and talk to them about God. Ask your child what they know about God; you might be surprised from their deep answers.

  • Your child might ask you one day to let him fast from food; let him try for a day or two! Don’t worry, this won’t harm your child, in the contrary it will be beneficial for him.

Ramadan Kareem!

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