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Child Discipline – How to cooperate with the school

Schools provide education for kids so they can build a positive and prosperous future. However, troubles in classroom can create issues and affect the learning process. Dealing with those disruptions in an effective way is in the best interest of the child and helps maintain a positive environment in the classroom. But many schools enforce zero tolerance disciplines for any infraction which creates conflicts between them and parents. Schools should communicate with parents and look at each infraction by itself and try to emphasize on repairing the damage instead of severely punishing the student.

Preschoolers need to be addressed differently because at this age they don’t know what they did wrong! As well, elementary students need to be approached with corrective measures that suits their age. According to researchers, students that have been suspended develop negative feelings towards their school and environment.

As parents, we should act wisely and prudently if our child is been disciplined and cooperate with the school for the best interest of the child. Here are some ideas to follow:

  • Ask to meet the principal and listen to his part of the story. As much as you love your child, it is very important to know the cause of the infraction. Be fair.

  • Involve yourself in your child’s education. Meeting the teachers once a year does not help. If a parent is not involved periodically with his child school, they will never know about these issues and will not be able to take appropriate measures.

  • Read and enforce the school discipline book. Explain the rules and the consequences that follow each infraction.

  • Communicate with your child about any infractions. Find out what was wrong and why it happened so you can prevent it in the future by counseling and giving advices.

  • Discuss with the school about punishment alternatives that will not affect your child learning.

  • Build a positive relationship with the school so it won’t affect your child’s schooling.

As much as schools need to maintain order, flexibility and understanding are also needed. Communicating with parents is the best solution to make punishments effective. If parents and schools do not communicate, a huge gap will be created and will impact the child’s learning process and feelings. Let’s work together for the best of our kids’ future.

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