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Capture the Can Outdoor Game

This outdoor game is very fun for kids to play during their summer afternoons with their friends, cousins and other family members. To guarantee the fun, it is better to have at least 6 players. The only things you need to play this game are 2 cans or 2 flags or anything similar to these.

The players are divided into 2 teams; each team will have half of the field, park, or other space where you are playing. Each team will have 5 minutes to hide their can in their part of the field. To add some fun to the game let each team send some of the players to spy on the other team and see where they are hiding their can. Other players will be looking out to catch spies. Once the flag is hidden each team calls out that it has finished. Afterwards, each team will try to get the other team’s can. If a player gets caught by the opponent on their territory, he goes to jail and can be only freed by a teammate who grabs him when the opponent isn’t looking.

The first team who captures the can of their opponents wins!

Have fun playing this outdoor game with your children on any of these summer days, or even during your child’s birthday party.

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