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Can I Determine My Baby's Gender?

Through time, many methods were used to determine the baby’s gender and many research were done to check the possibility of increasing the chances of having a baby boy or a baby girl.

It has been suggested that by following certain diets and choosing the intercourse timing would increase the chances of determining the gender of your baby. It is not yet certain that these methods are 100% effective but the good part is that they are not harmful and you can try them for fun.

By eating a diet low in sodium and potassium and rich in calcium and magnesium the chances of having a baby girl increase. Some theories state that by changing the pH levels in a woman reproductive tract the baby’s gender will be affected since an alkaline place favors the Y sperm which is conceives a boy and an acidic place favors the X sperm which conceives a girl. But we should know that since men carry the XY chromosomes and the women carry the XX chromosomes, then the men are always responsible for the baby’s gender.

To conceive a baby girl, you should follow the below diet:

  • Follow a diet rich in magnesium and calcium, such as yogurt, milk, custard, meat, fish, etc.

  • Avoid alkaline foods such as potatoes, bananas and oranges

  • Eat salt free breads and crackers

  • Eat low sodium cheeses

  • To conceive a baby boy, you should follow the below diet:

  • Avoid dairy products

  • Eat lots of alkaline foods like lentils, avocado, almonds, carrots, figs, cherries, etc.

  • Eat lots of food rich in potassium as bananas and potatoes.

Another fact that helps the gender determination is the intercourse timing. Having sex after ovulation is more likely to result in a baby boy, since the male sperm is faster than the female sperm. Also having sex frequently will result in a baby girl.

There is no scientific research that proves the above factors. The most wonderful thing about pregnancy is the mystery that surrounds it.

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