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Best Timing for a Pool Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love splashing? Both kids and grown-ups do! Then, a swimming pool is the best place to organize a birthday party for your kid during the summer! Whether the swimming pool is in your home or a rented one, pool parties are always great fun!

As a start, prepare for your guest's special invitations according to the theme: beach balls invitations are a very cute idea! Blow up beach balls and write on them all the party information; then deflate the balls, put them in envelopes, and remember to include the directions to blow up the balls in order to read the invitations.

Let the invitation message be as follow:

“Summer is hot, that’s for sure!

But guess what! (Your child’s name) has the cure!

Come join us for a splashy Pool Birthday Party full of fun!

Where you can cool off and enjoy the sun!”

You can also add a note for the guests to bring their own towels and sunhats.

Invitations sent, it’s time to think of decorations! Fill the pool with inner tubes, beach balls and other floating toys, then place dolphins, turtles and other creatures around the pool. Blow up and hang helium balloons in the area and spread out beach chairs and umbrellas! Now that the pool is ready to host the guests, let the fun begin!

To add some action to your kid’s pool birthday party, organize some games! For example, let the kids play all together “the shark game”; one swimmer is chosen to play the shark, and the rest of the swimmers must try to keep from being eaten by the shark as they swim around the pool. Whoever the shark touches are out! And play it until one swimmer remains: the winner!

Another fun game that might be played outside the pool is “the flip flop game”. Every child gets one flip flop sandal and has to find its match in the yard. And the pair will be a prize to take home!

After swimming and playing games, the kids will definitely need some snacks! Keep the food light: popcorns, chips, fresh fruits, cupcakes, little sandwiches, and juices would be perfect!

This party will be an amazing one! Just don’t forget to have plenty of sunscreens and keep an eye on the kids!

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