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Art and Crafts: Why Are They Important to Kids?

The development of art skills can be of great interest for kids. Nowadays schools teach arts and craft and specify a schedule to teach kids how to explore materials, differentiate textures, colors and objects. Why do we encourage our kids to create art projects, color their drawings and invent crazy handy stuff? Arts and crafts are valuable to the development of the child. They improve different characteristic in his personality as:

  • Creativity which helps the child to create new ideas and makes him do things in a different way in his life.

  • Concentration as well as determination. The child will concentrate to finalize his project. It teaches him to keep trying until he is finished. A great virtue to use in life.

  • Development of motor skills which engage the child to use his hands, eyes and brain to conclude his project.

  • Social interaction while sharing the project with friends and expressing his emotions and ideas in public.

  • High self confidence gained by finishing the project and sharing it with the community.

Creative development is a necessity to each child. It helps him communicate and express himself to the world. Unfortunately, many parents do not find the time to sit with their kids and pushes arts and craft time to the end of their lists. As a parent, let us give this opportunity to our kids. Make a time to sit with your child, grab some pencils, paint, papers, old newspaper or any other material that would help you invent a silly handy colorful item. Use this time to connect and enjoy the presence and ideas of your child. You can buy some books to help you create ideas of crafts. Lots of books are present in the market and they are equipped with ideas that meet each child needs.

One of the books that we recommend is “Rock Your Style” by Silver Dolphin Books, QEB Publishing 2011. Very handy book that shows step-by-step instructions to create cool looks with fun projects.

Enjoy your time with your kids!

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