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Arguing in front of Your Children

They may not listen when you urge them to do their homework, but believe it or not, children become all ears when their parents argue! It would be unreasonable to assume that parents should never dispute because differences and arguments are inevitable in any household. On the other hand, arguing in front of your children, is one of most detrimental things you can do to them!

Why is it harmful to argue in front of children?

  • When you criticize each other, your children will learn to criticize others, which will turn back on you when they are teenagers.

  • When youngsters witness their parents quarrel, they get terrified, believing that their parents are unhappy together and will develop a fear of experiencing the same harsh life in their future families.

  • When you argue, you are focused on winning the debate and when your children see this, they will soon imitate you and lose their listening skills to focus on yelling and arguing to achieve what they want.

  • Remember that arguing in front of your child regarding parenting decisions such as sleeping arrangements, schooling, discipline, and so on might cause your children to lose respect for both of you and refuse to listen to your decisions in the future.

Remember that your children learn by example, so think about what you're teaching them before arguing in front of them!

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