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A Sleepover Birthday Party

If you ask kids what is the most memorable birthday party they ever had, the most probable answer you’ll get is the sleepover party!

The sleepover is a very popular birthday party and it’s the kids’ favourite one. Moreover, even if it might take more effort from parents than a party at a café, most of the parents prefer birthday parties at home where they can have the kids under their sight.

The sleepover party’s fun starts with the preparation of birthday cards. Let your child decide who will be the guests and as for their number start to do your cute handmade cards.

On cardboard help your child to draw pyjamas: these are going to be the shape of the invitation cards. After cutting the pyjamas shapes out of the cardboard, let your child decorate them by putting bottoms, stars … Afterwards, write on the back of the pyjama:

“You’ll need your sleeping bag and your pillow too,

(The name of your child) is having a pajama party and is inviting you,

You’re invited for an exciting pillow fight,

And an amazing unforgettable night!”

Of course add the date, the time and the address!

Your child is ready for the best party ever? Make sure you’ve bought a lot of balloons to decorate the house, and prepared some delicious snacks for the children. And what a party without dancing and playing? Prepare a CD full of nice songs and make the children dance and sing as much as they want. In addition to that, some fun activities will make the sleepover party even better! For example, decorating pillowcases will make your child remember how much fun he had with his friends every time he goes to sleep! To decorate the pillowcases, let the children use permanent markers or fabric pens so they will be able to sleep on them that night, and let them draw on them, decorate them the way they want, and at the end sign each others’ pillowcases. With all this fun at such kind of a party, your child will be extremely happy and will surely remember those times forever!

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