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A Lunch Box that Makes Your Child Smile

With the beginning of the new school year, lunchboxes are also back! You will experience many days when your kid will come back home without eating a single thing of his lunch or without even opening his lunchbox! You think that you can do nothing about it because you’re not with your child at school? In fact, you can make lunchtime at school your kid’s favourite time! You’re asking how? It is true that you have to pick for your kid food that he loves and which is also healthy, but the secret isn’t about food! To make your child eat his lunch, thrill him, surprise him, and be creative while packing his lunchbox!

Here are some ideas:

  • Write little notes for your little angels and insert them in the lunchbox to tell them you’re thinking about them. Write messages like: I miss you; I love you; Hugs and Kisses; Have a good day… You can decorate your note with colours and stickers.

  • Make a little lunchtime survey and put it in your kids’ lunchbox, let them fill it and make you learn about their day. The survey can be as following:

1. My favourite food to find in my lunchbox is ——————–

2. Today’s lunch period was:

  • Long

  • Just right

  • Short

3. I sat next to ——————–

4. The best part of my morning has been ——————–

5. The worst part of my morning has been ——————–

  • Put in your child’s lunchbox a photo with a written memory like: “Remember the fun time we had at the beach last weekend!”

  • Write the lyrics of your child’s favourite song and put it in the lunchbox. This definitely will make him want to hum.

  • Stick Post-Its that say “Eat Me” on the outside of each lunch item particularly the veggies.

  • Send your child a funny joke in his lunchbox; he’ll be happy to share it with his friends.

  • Wrap a napkin around the utensils with a new hair accessory or a sports wristband.

With these ideas, your child will always come back home with a totally empty lunchbox!

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