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A Hawaiian Birthday Party

Celebrating your child’s birthday party during summer doesn’t mean it has to be at the beach. In fact, you can create a beach atmosphere at home by organizing for your child a Hawaiian birthday party!

Since the theme of your party is the beach, sending party invitations in a truly Hawaiian style is a great idea! Let your invitations be in a bottle: find some clear water bottles and fill them with some sand and seashells, then place in them a piece of blue paper on which you have written your birthday party information. The beach bottle invitation will truly impress your guests.

As for the decorations, you can convert your party area into a tropical paradise by placing seashells, coconuts and different tropical fruits everywhere, and decorating the walls with palm trees that have been painted on cardboard and cut out. Moreover, you can place fishnets at the birthday party table to create a tropical look.

Concerning the food, make some snacks and appetizers of grilled kebabs for example, and don’t forget the fruits and vegetables. As for the cake, make it really impressive: prepare or purchase a rectangular cake of your child’s favourite flavour, then cover half of the cake with white frosting tinted in blue so that it looks like a sea, and the other half with white frosting sprinkled with brown sugar so that it looks like sand. For a final touch, you can place Hawaiian toy dancers on the sand and a tiny shark coming out of the ocean.

To add some fun to the party, you can organize fun games, for example: prepare 2 bowls filled with paper notes, one that has the names of the guests and another with the activities you want them to perform. The activities can be for example “wiggle like a fish” or “roar like a lion”, etc. The birthday child will pick one name and one activity and will announce what the guest needs to do.

The fun at this Hawaiian party is guaranteed!

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