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A Flower Birthday Party

If your little girl loves flowers and she simply cannot keep a prairie flower from getting cut and decorating her room, then definitely she would fell in love with the idea of a Fabulous Flower Birthday Party. And what is magnificent is that spring is here. You can have a birthday party in your garden and enjoy the natural decoration of flowers!

Lots of ideas you can use to decorate the place, create birthday party activities and prepare the snacks. Girls will spend a marvellous time decorating T-shirts with flowers, making paper flowers and enjoying the party treats.

You can start the theme with a simple flower invitation card. You will write the birthday party details on the petals. For the activities, you can get simple white cotton shirts and some fabric paint. Give each invitee a shirt and set up a table with the paint on it. Let them decorate the shirts with colourful flowers. They can keep them to dry and wear them at the end of the party. You can also get them some colourful paper sheets to make paper flowers. They can make some small flowers attach them and have a wonderful hairband.

As for the birthday, party table treats many ideas can be used to make the table look like a bouquet. Bake some cookies with flower shape; prepare a bowl of fresh fruits by adding slices of oranges, strawberry, apple, kiwi, pineapple. You can cut some of them into a flower shape. Bake cupcake and decorate them with candy or colourful marshmallow. You can cut the marshmallows as petals and stick them on the cupcake. As for the sandwiches, get sliced bread and cut them into flower shape by using the cookies mould. Spread jam, peanut butter, chocolate or even you can put a slice of cheese. Decorate the plate with cucumbers and tomatoes.

To complete the party, bake a rounded cake, cover it with white cream and decorate it as a flower.

Definitely your little flower would be full of joy at the end of the day!

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