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A Family Trip to the Snow

The best way to spend a weekend with your kids in winter is taking them on a snow trip! Some parents insist on teaching their kids how to ski from their very little age, but a snow trip isn’t always just about skiing. Whether you are planning for a ski day or you just want to have fun sliding down the slopes on plastic bags, going on a family trip to the snow needs some preparations.

Here are some tips to remember while planning for a snow trip:

  • The most important thing is that your child stays warm; this is why it is recommended to dress your child in layers. Start with thermal underwear and make sure that the outer layer is waterproof. There should be no gaps in your child’s clothes so that the snow doesn’t get in.

  • Gloves or mittens, thick woolly socks, and hats or thick head bands, are a must! Don’t forget the boots that should be warm from the inside and waterproof from the outside.

  • The weather may be cold, but you should know that the sun is very damaging; this is why sunglasses are important in the snow to avoid glare damage to the eyes. You should also not forget to apply sunscreen and lip balm, for you can easily get burnt.

  • Make sure that you take with you some snacks for the kids to maintain energy the whole day. Apples, dried apricots and crackers are some good ideas. Don’t forget to keep a good supply of water with you.

Enjoy your family trip to the snow and don’t forget the camera!

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