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A Family Event for Father's Day

Because Father's Day is in June, the weather will be ideal for hosting a BBQ in the backyard! Also, take advantage of this opportunity to gather the entire family for a great day! Invite all fathers including husbands, would-be future fathers, uncles, brothers... The more the better!

Purchase all of the necessary supplies the morning before the barbecue and let all members of the family, from children to grandparents, to help with the preparations! Men normally like doing the grilling, ladies take care of everything else, and kids have pleasure adorning the platters with veggies!

To add some festivities to this important day, have all fathers plant something that grows, such as a tree or a seed. The children can help with planting. It will be fascinating to see it growing over the next few months, if not years!

Don't forget to photograph all of the dads and children together as they plant the tree or seed!

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