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A Diaper Cake, the Cutest Gift for Baby Shower

A diaper cake is a very creative and cute gift to give the mother-to-be during the baby shower party. And the most important thing is that it’s a very useful gift that’s surprisingly easy to make yourself!

To make a diaper cake you will need:

  • 60 diapers

  • 1/2 inch ribbon

  • 60 small rubber bands

  • 3 large rubber bands

  • One big baby bottle

  • Cardboard or a plastic cake platter

  • Decorations like baby confetti, baby sock roses, artificial rose…

  • Baby items like pacifiers, bottles, lotion, bibs, blankets, baby towel, baby hygiene products, toys…

To make the first line you will need 35 newborn diapers. Roll up each one from the front to the back, then place a rubber band around the centre of each rolled up diaper to hold it tight. On the centre of the cardboard or the cake, platter place the big baby bottle and place the diapers around it then put a large rubber band around the entire ring of diapers. Afterwards, roll up 18 to 20 diapers and place them over the first ring of diapers and put a large rubber band around them: your second ring is ready. To make the third ring you will need 11 to 12 diapers. Roll them up and tie them with the third rubber band. In the end, roll the ribbon over the rubber, around the diapers, and tie it as a knot. Repeat the same action for ring 2 and 3. And to add a last cute touch to the diaper cake, put the baby items and the decorations you have all around the cake!

That’s it, your masterpiece is ready and the mother-to-be will definitely love it!

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