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A Camp Journal

Before sending your kid to summer camp, let him/her prepare his/her own summer camp journal!

You will need:

  • A small notebook without any design on it

  • Foam from different colours

  • Scissors

  • Glue

Using the foam, help your child to cut different shapes related to the camp. You can make for example the shape of the fire, some trees, etc. In addition to these shapes, cut the letters of “MY CAMP JOURNAL”. After you finish cutting your shapes from the foam, prepare the glue and start sticking them on the notebook cover. Stick the fire in the middle of the notebook cover surrounded by the trees. In the end, stick the letters so that you have “MY CAMP” on the top and “JOURNAL” on the bottom.

Now that the journal is ready, you can send your kid to the camp and let him/her write down every day the activities they’re doing, the things they’re learning, and every interesting detail that’s happening during their stay in the summer camp. At the end of the camp they can let their new friends write them some notes in the journal so that they will keep it as a souvenir from this special summer.

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