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Menstrual Awareness Campaign

Mission Driven NFT

Open Call for creative producers

The Teens Project

We believe that by creating a dialogue between parents and teens and teens to-be, we can achieve a healthy relationship and a positive social impact.

Why Menstrual Health?


  • Girls deserve good guidance during their transition to womanhood

  • The society is influenced by fake or wrong information and myths; it is dominated by period shame and taboos around menstruation

  • Parents need to be empowered and prepared to talk to their teenage children, girls and boys alike

Phase 1



Raise menstrual period awareness among parents of teens through an integrated engagement campaign

Phase 2

Under Process


NFT project to build a community and fund relevant initiatives.

Phase 3

VR educational content will be produced to be used by all teens.

Phase 1 | Awareness Campaign Achievements


Menstrual period Awareness Video

We have collaborated with different entities, NGO's and professionals to create a video unifying our voice in breaking myths and taboos and raising awareness about the menstrual period.


Phase 2 | Mission Driven NFT


Art can be a strong catalyst for raising attention to significant topics that are marginalized. Toofoola is looking for artists to participate in creating art with a positive social impact to raise awareness about menstrual health in the Arab region.


Open Call to all artists across disciplines*. All artists are welcomed to participate and create an art piece that reflect the menstrual period topic so we can together eliminate taboos.

*Videography; Photography; Poetry/Spoken word; Music; Visual Art; Graphic Designs; Multimedia etc…


  • Announcement of selected artists that will participate in the NFT auction.

  • Selection of NGO's to highlight and support 


Announcement of "Auction Day" to sell the NFT collection.