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Period Poverty Awareness Campaign

Our Vision

We believe that by creating a dialogue between parents and teens and teens to-be, we can achieve a healthy relationship and a positive social impact.

Why Menstrual Health?


  • Girls deserve good guidance during their transition to womanhood

  • The society is influenced by fake or wrong information and myths; it is dominated by period shame and taboos around menstruation

  • Parents need to be empowered and prepared to talk to their teenage children, girls and boys alike

Phase 1



Raise menstrual period awareness among parents of teens through an integrated engagement campaign

Phase 2

Under Process

NFT project to build a community and fund relevant initiatives.

Phase 3

Coming Soon

VR educational content will be produced to be used by all teens.

Phase 2

Phase 2 | Mission Driven NFT

Art can be a strong catalyst for raising awareness to significant topics that are marginalized. We have chosen the NFT art platform to communicate our cause across the Arab world.​


Open Call to all artists across disciplines*. All artists are welcomed to participate and create an art piece that reflect the menstrual period topic so we can together eliminate taboos.

*Videography; Photography; Poetry/Spoken word; Music; Visual Art; Graphic Designs; Multimedia etc…


  • Announcement of selected artists that will participate in the NFT auction.

  • Selection of NGO's to highlight and support 


Announcement of "Auction Day" to sell the NFT collection.

Our Artists

Maha AlAsaker

Maha AlAsaker - Visual Artist

Hussein Alazaat

Hussein AlAzaat - Multidisciplinary Designer

Yara Lahoud

Yara Lahoud - Creative Director

Elias Moubarak

Elias Moubarak - Photographer

Nour Tohme

Nour Tohme - Illustrator

In partnership with

Option 3 [High].jpg

Curated by
Azza ElHassan

Elhassan is a strategist, cultural consultant and advocate for culture and arts with over 10 years of professional experience in culturally driven nonprofits as well as private institutions. With interest in technology, social behaviors and research she is the Knowledge Director and Co-Founder of Silverline.


Azza has worked with a variety of creatives in conceptualization and development of creative works across the creative industries with the British Council and Nuqat. During her time with the Contemporary Art Platform in Kuwait, her operational and some curatorial support has been extended to materialize Hani Zurob’s Zeft exhibition (2017), Ghada Al Kandari’s Until (2017), Jad ElKhoury’s Road to Black (2017) and Taghreed Darghouth’s Ain’t Nowhere to Hide (2017). 


Azza’s first curatorial debut is Toofoola’s Mission Driven NFT Auction; originating from a socially conscious incentive the work aims to empower artists and charitable organizations to visualize and create tangible impact on period poverty and the menstrual experience.

Watch the full interview on  

  • YouTube

Phase 1 | Awareness Campaign Achievements

Phase 1

Menstrual period Awareness Video

We have collaborated with different entities, NGO's and professionals to create a video unifying our voice in breaking myths and taboos and raising awareness about the menstrual period.

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