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Your Baby's First Bath

Like all the « Firsts » to come, your baby’s first bath is a special event that can be a bit scary, especially for those who are parents for the first time! The main objective is to get the baby clean!

Most of the babies don’t like to take their clothes off, so comfort your child by singing or talking to him. Your voice will help him to relax and feel safe.

You will need:

  • A baby bath sponge or a clean wash cloth

  • Alcohol pads and gauze

  • Mild baby soap

  • Cotton

  • A clean blanket or a bath towel

  • A clean diaper

  • Clean clothes

  • Baby Comb

  • Warm NOT HOT water (To test the water; submerge your elbow in it. If you feel it is hot, add some cold water). Keep some of the water in a small container aside the bathtub to clean the baby’s hair at the end.

Choose a warm room with a flat surface (a bathroom or kitchen counter, a changing table, or a bed) and make sure that the temperature is at least 25°C. Cover the surface with a thick towel and get your baby ready:

  • Undress your baby and clean his bottom if it is dirty.

  • With the bath sponge or the wash cloth, start cleaning from the cleanest area; neck, chest, back, hands, legs and finally the genitals area. For the girls it is very important to clean the genitals area from front to back. Leave the hair towards the end of the bath so that your baby doesn’t get cold.

  • Now it is time to wash your baby from soap. The best way to hold your baby during his bath is by passing your arm under his neck and holding him by his armpit. It is the most secure way so your baby won’t slip during his bath. Clean his body from soap and wash his hair with the water in the small container. Make sure to close your baby’s ears when spilling water on his head.

  • When the bath is over, gently dry your baby without rubbing the skin then clean around the umbilical stump with alcohol pads. Protect it by putting gauze around it. Put the diaper and before wearing his clothes, you can massage your baby using baby lotion.

  • Finally, clean his face with cotton immersed in clean water. Start with his eyes from the inside, clean his nose and at last his ears. Do not use cotton stalk to clean your baby’s ears.

The most important rule is “Never leave your baby unsupervised during his bath”. Keep your eyes always on him. Prepare all your stuff before starting the bath. You may need for the first time the presence of an adult to help you.

Don’t forget the camera! The First Bath’s pictures are always very fun to watch!

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