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Wrap Your Baby in a Layer of Warmth and Protection

You’re asking yourself if your baby needs a baby lotion and how soon can you use it? The answer will be: you can use baby lotions for your baby right after his/her birth!

You might realize that your baby’s skin is dry and sensitive especially in the area of feet and hands; baby lotions are the perfect solution to keep your little one’s skin nice and moisturized. On the other hand, some other babies don’t have any dry skin areas, but this fact doesn’t exclude the utility of baby lotions, because these are also good to make your baby feel relaxed! Babies love massages after a bath, and using a baby lotion for the massage will definitely relax them and will maybe make them fall asleep!

You might hesitate and have some doubts about which lotion to buy for your baby; just remember:

  • A baby's skin is more susceptible to irritation than an adult's. Due to this, body lotions containing known irritants, such as fragrance and artificial colors, should be avoided.

  • Choose the baby lotion that contains more hydrating emollient ingredients such as Shea butter, petroleum, oatmeal, calendula, organic chamomile and glycerin.

  • Baby oil can do the job of a baby lotion and your grand-mother’s advice of using olive oil is worth a try too.

  • Hypoallergenic baby lotions are the most gentle for babies with very a sensitive skin.

Take care of your baby’s delicate skin by providing him/her with a protective layer of baby lotion’s warmth, just like a loving hug!

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