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Washing Your Baby's Bedding

Your little angel deserves the cleanest baby bedding possible! Your baby’s room is definitely more attractive with clean baby bedding, but the main purpose of cleaning baby sheets is hygiene! In fact, dirty bedding can cause illness and skin irritation to your baby; this is why it is essential for you to know how to wash your baby’s bedding properly.

How to wash my baby’s bedding?

  • Remove absolutely all the bedding from the crib; it might include untying the crib bumper, removing the bed skirt, taking the fitted sheet off of the mattress, removing pillowcases, etc.

  • Place the bedding in the washing machine. You might need to wash more than one load if the bedding isn’t of similar colors.

  • Add a small amount of a mild laundry detergent, preferably specifically formulated for baby laundry. Too much detergent and too harsh ones can cause skin irritation.

  • Choose water temperature and remember the more soiled the sheets are the hotter they need water to be; this ensures better disinfection.

  • After washing the bedding, you need to dry it. Air drying the bedding is the best way of drying. Make sure that the sheets are completely dry before putting them in the crib, to prevent mildew.

  • Place the clean dried bedding back in your baby’s crib.

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