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Use the Swim Diapers!

When you’ll take your baby to the beach or to the swimming pool, regular diapers will directly swell up inside the water and will make your baby feel uncomfortable while playing and splashing. Moreover, regular diapers may cause the entering of bacteria into the water. This is why, to prevent messy pool accidents and any embarrassment and to ensure for your baby safety and comfort, it is recommended to use the swim diapers while your baby is in the swimming pool.

In fact, their waistband and strong elastic around the legs set them apart from regular diapers. In addition to this, swim diapers do not contain the absorbent polymers contained in regular diapers in order to prevent the over absorption of water; so, because they don’t absorb water, they won’t become waterlogged and heavy.

Therefore, the main function of swim diapers is not to absorb fecal matter and urine, but to contain it, along with any virus or bacteria that may accompany it; this is why they should fit snugly and should never be reused even if the child did not enter the water, because the waistband and the elastic on the legs will be stretched out and will not be as effective if worn a second time. They are disposable diapers and should be used one time only.

Have an enjoyable day at the beach and remember to check your baby’s swim diaper at least once every 30 to 60 minutes to prevent leakage or fecal matter.

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