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Toddler's Scribbles

For some reason, a pencil and a paper are kids’ friends from their very little age! It is true that your child’s first attempts to write won’t look much like words, but the scribbles, lines and drawings he’ll do are what help him to learn proper writing!

From scribbles to writing:

  • At 12 or 13 months your baby will be able to grasp a crayon and make his first scribbles, and by around 16 months your little one will probably become a scribbling pro.

  • Between 19 and 25 months your baby’s scribbles will start taking a discernible shape and he’ll cover more of the paper instead of making a single swirl. You can draw a single line and your baby will imitate it, though it might not be very straight. At this age, beware from scribbles on the wall!

  • Between 26 and 30 months your child will begin to add colors to his scribbles trying to represent real objects and things. A drawing may look to you like a solid mass of green ink, but for your child it’s a snake in the jungle. At this age your child may also start signing his pieces of art, though the letters won’t look like any alphabet.

  • When your child is 2 and a half he’ll be able to hold his pencil solidly in the right position starting to make circular strokes. At the age of 3 some kids are able to write few letters and even their name!

  • Between the age of 3 and 5 years your child will make accurate drawings, horizontal lines, circles, squares, and people. At this age he’ll learn the alphabet and will properly start writing!

Encourage your child to write and draw as much as he wants. Buy him a whiteboard with erasable markers. Praise his drawings and keep his papers in a file where he can enjoy looking at.

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