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The Ultimatum Question: Why?

Why mom? Ah, ok …. but why?

Are you experiencing the endless why’s situation with your little child? Is he bombarding you with too many “whys” that you think your head is going to explode? Kids ask so many whys to test your patience, your knowledge and to satisfy their curiosity.

When they start experiencing life they would ask so many questions to learn about their environment and discover how things work around them. Those questions would be as simple as: Why do we fill the car with gas? Why the sky is blue? Why the sun is yellow? Why there is night and day? And many other questions that leads to other questions too.

However, when their curiosity is fulfilled with an answer they will show satisfaction. Sometimes not finding the right answer is reassuring for your child. It will show him that it is “ok” if we don’t know all answers and would teach him to get engaged actively to find an answer by research and by exercising his mind.

Usually kids get into the whys questions when you are the mostly busy. It is not wrong to tell them that you will get back to the subject once you finish your work or you can turn the questions back to him as: Kid: How does the moon look like? Mom: I don’t know sweetie! How do you think it looks like? In this way you will make your child use his imagination and boost his self esteem.

Generally kids use this tactic to pull your attention towards them. If you try to answer the question in a scientific way they would be amazed and will show you that they understood the whole story. Both of you win.

By the end, all kids go through a development phase where they start communicating with adults, exploring their surroundings and learning facts. They would ask many questions and bombard you with many queries. All you have to do is try to back the question to them or try to change the subject by opening a new conversation. All they want is some attention and patience.

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