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The Tooth Fairy

All kids wait for the Tooth Fairy to visit them when they lose a tooth. The tradition says that each child should place his tooth under his cushion and the Tooth Fairy will visit him while sleeping to replace the tooth with a present or a small amount of money.

This fantasy tradition goes back to early middle ages when some people believed that the children should bury their tooth under the sand so a new tooth would grow in its place. Others believed that they have to bury it so that witches can’t find it and curse the child.

This tradition has moved into our generation and kids wait impatiently for the Fairy to visit them and switch the tooth with a treat or a coin. Most kids visualize the Tooth Fairy as a lady with wings looking like Tinkerbelle. Some parents sprinkle some gold glitter on their child’s pillow to copy the fairy dust! However, telling the truth about the Tooth Fairy might create different reactions depending on each child’s personality. Most of kids,around the age of 8, would accept the fact that the Tooth Fairy is a fictional character and it is not real. Some of them will not accept that fact and would be traumatized by the truth.

We grow up with many myths that surround us in our life. Some have nice and beautiful memories and others are just untold. It is lovely to share with our kids these lovely memories and help them fire their own imagination and create their own story with the Tooth Fairy.

The most beautiful story I heard about the teeth that the Tooth Fairy collects is that if you go outside on a clear night and you look up to the sky , you will find all these little stars sparkling and twinkling – you might find your tooth between them!

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