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The Best and Most Popular Hairstyles for Baby Boys

Who said that mothers only worry about hairstyles when it comes to their daughter? Hairstyles for baby boys, is also a very important issue for mothers. When choosing a haircut for your little boy, you might like to look to celebrities, ask your stylist for the cut that will suit your son’s face shape, or even tend to go for a cut that will make your boy a mini daddy! Whatever is the hairstyle you choose for your baby boy, you don’t have to worry if you didn’t like it, since a bad haircut won’t last more than a month.

As we have some popular hairstyles for baby girls, we also have some ideas of hairstyles for baby boys. Here you have the best and most popular ones:

  • The crew cut or buzz cut: This is the shortest haircut for little boys. Hair on the top of the head is cut very low, about 1/4 inch. As per the sides, the hair over the ears is shaved. This hairstyle is the easiest to manage!

  • The bowl cut: We have all heard of the old way of cutting children’s hair, where people used to put a bowl on the child’s hair, to get a perfect cut. The bowl cut came from this old way of cutting hair, but of course nobody uses a bowl nowadays to do this cut.

  • The classic cut: It is also an easy to manage cut. Your little boy’s hair is all cut short except above his forehead where it’s a bit longer.

  • Short spikes: This is a bit of a funky hairstyle for your little boy. The hair is cut almost the same way as in the classic cut where the hair of the top of the head is a bit longer and can be styled into spikes using some water.

  • Long spikes: If your boy has a short spikes hairstyle, his short spikes will turn into long ones in time. The long spikes require some gel to be styled into spikes, and this hairstyle is more suitable for older boys than the very little ones!

Choose one of these hairstyles for baby boys and take your son to the stylist to do it! He’ll definitely look adorable whatever was the cut you chose for him!

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