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Stomach Cramps and Children

You wake up in the middle of the night on a weeping voice. You check on your child and you see him clutched to a pillow and curled around it. He has stomach cramps. Stomach cramps commonly happen to children and can be treated once you identify the cause.

You should ask your child the following questions:

  • Do you have diarrhea?

  • Are you suffering from constipation?

  • Do you feel like you are going to throw up?

  • Are you cold?

  • Do you feel gas inside your tummy?

  • What did you eat during the day?

  • Does it hurt so much? On a scale of 10, how much do you rate it?

  • Are you worried about anything in school?

Once you have asked him the questions, you can administer your treatment accordingly. The following preliminary treatments can soothe the pain:

  • Apply a warm cloth on your child’s belly.

  • Give him only fluids for the first 6 hours.

  • Encourage your child to sit on the toilet. If he has gas or suffers from constipation, it would relieve him to eliminate them.

  • Give your child mint tea if possible.

  • If stress is the cause, teach your child how to relax and encourage him to communicate with you when he feels worried.

  • In case of fever, contact your doctor. He might be suffering from gastroenteritis and needs medical treatment.

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