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Right or left handed: know your child!

Right or left handed? What would my child be? Usually you cannot tell what your child’s preferences are until he is 2 or 3 years old when he starts using his hand consistently. It is true that genetics play a big role in hand preferences. If both, your spouse and you are left handed, then there is a big chance of more than 50% that your child is left-handed.

Right or left handed is something intuitive and not taught. You cannot force a child to use his right hand against his will. You will create a stress for him during his development.

More than 90% of people are right-handed, but this does not mean that your child is different or has a development problem. It is totally natural nowadays to be left-handed. However your child might encounter some issues while growing in a right-handed world especially during school years where all school stationary is produced to fit the right-handed people as the scissors, workshop tools, ring or spiral notebooks and many others… Also the tables at schools are made to fit the right handed kids which leave the left handed with no space to rest their elbows while writing. Also, your child will need help to correct his handwriting techniques especially when it comes to gripping the pencil.

The most important is to let your child feel comfortable. Praise his trait and support his development. Try not to mention right/left in your everyday vocabulary and keep away from influencing his preferences. Let him decide which hand to choose for every action. Forcing a child to use his right hand might work after certain period of time but it will confuse him all the way.

Always remember that whatever your child chooses to be, left or right handed, support him and encourage his skills development.

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