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My Baby Girl and Nail Polish

How charming is to share these little girly moments with your little princess and how enjoyable is to paint your nails together. Your little princess is fascinated by those colorful nails and she really wants to be like her mommy! But finding a safe non-toxic nail polish for kids is essential especially that adult’s nail polish contains formaldehyde, phethalates and acetone which are toxic for kids.

Usually kids tend to put their fingers in the mouth and ingesting these chemicals might be harmful for them. There are several brands for kids that are safe to use, non-toxic and water based formula. They are hypoallergenic with little odor. These products have vibrant colors to match with the little princesses tastes and are very easy to remove.

As much as it sounds cute to have colorful nails, we should take into consideration the harm that it can cause to your baby. I recommend not using nail polish for babies less than 1 year old. Actually they would not be able to hold their hand still until the polish dry and they might also put their wet nails in their mouth. You can start using nail polish on your child toes first and then move to her hands.

Have fun coloring your nails with your little one keeping in mind to purchase kids’ products only.

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