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Left Handed Children

You have noticed that your baby shows a preference for his left hand? This won’t definitely mean that your child is left-handed. In fact, it is not always easy to determine if a very young child is left- or right-handed; it is only at the age of 2 or 3 that your child’s preference will be well developed and you’ll be able to know if he’s left-handed.

Why my child is left-handed?

Research has shown that 10 per cent of our population is left-handed, but the cause of this fact remains a mystery. A straightforward genetic link hasn’t been proven, for the fact that two right-handed parents can have a left-handed kid. Some theories say that there are more left-handed boys than left-handed girls, from where some researchers conclude that the male hormone testosterone has an influence on right- and left-handedness. Another theory says that the environmental factors in the womb may influence whether the person will favor the right or left hand later in life. In all cases, none of these theories is totally proved, and being left-handed is really a kind of mystery.

Should I worry if my child is left-handed?

In the past, children who were naturally left-handed were encouraged or even forced to use their right hand, but nowadays, this is considered a totally wrong approach! Do not worry if your child is left-handed and never force him to use his right hand, for this will only confuse and frustrate him.

There is absolutely no reason why your left-handed child should be at any disadvantage at school or home! It is true that left-handers need correct guidance and equipment to learn skills such as writing and being able to use tools like scissors, since they can’t use tools for right-handed. However, these difficulties aren’t impossible to solve, and in addition to this you should know that left-handed children are at an advantage in a wide range of sports!

Tips to consider when your child is left-handed:

To help your child to overcome the challenges associated with being left-handed, consider the following:

  • Arrange your child’s studying area so that the light comes from the right.

  • Purchase for your child a left –handed pencil sharpener.

  • Acquire supplies and equipment adapted for left-handers such as left-handed scissors, quick drying pens that reduce smearing, etc.

Remember, if your child is left-handed, this won’t be an obstacle for him to live a normal life!

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