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Kids and Pets

Pets are children’s best friends. Research shows that children who took care of a pet have high self esteem, self confidence and positive feelings. They can easily build a positive relationship with others. It helps them also to behave kindly and treat others nicely as they treat their own pet. However, parents who are willing to buy a pet should consider the following:

  • Any allergic history in the family.

  • If your kid ability and temperament allows you to have a pet.

  • You should not leave your child if he is less than 5 years unsupervised with an animal. There is a high risk of accidents.

  • Before picking a pet, take in consideration the budget you are willing to pay for diet, vet, equipments, toys and others.

  • Teach your kids how to read pet’s behavior and identify the signs of frustration in a pet.

  • Teach your child how to protect himself from bites like rolling into a ball, calling for help and never run in front of a dog.

  • Teach your child how to take care of his pet; feeding, exercising, playing. Tell them that a pet needs attention.

  • Set rules and limits for your child and the pet.

Learning how to take care of a pet is a great method to teach your child responsibility and gives him a feeling of accomplishment. There are many pets to choose from and get the one that fits your type of life and your family. They are wonderful, loving companions and great friends for your kids.

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