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Kids and Naps

Naps are kids’ nightmares and parents’ wish. Children are curious by nature. Putting them to sleep during the day will make them lose their play time, but even when fighting so hard, kids still need their nap to recharge and continue their day.

The total hours of sleep differs from a child to another and is related to some factors as age, quality of sleep and sleeping area.

What are the sleep needs by age?

  • Till 4 months, a newborn baby needs about 16 to 20 hours of sleep per day. The baby does not have any sleeping patterns and cannot differentiate between day and night.

  • From 4 till 12 months, the baby starts to establish sleeping patterns and sleeps throughout the night for around 6 consecutive hours. He needs 14 -15 hours of sleep. He becomes more social and starts discovering his surroundings thus, he has less interest in sleep. He will take 2 daily naps, morning and afternoon.

  • From 1 year till 3 years old, your toddler will still need 12 to 14 hours of sleep. He starts losing his morning nap but sticks to the afternoon nap so he can make it till night.

  • Above 3 years old, your child will need around 10 to 12 hours of sleep. He will start to fight the napping time which becomes shorter and goes to bed early around 7pm.

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