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Keep your Home Baby Safe

Your baby has started crawling, moving in the house, and reaching stuff? Make sure that your home is safe for your baby to move around by having the essential baby safety equipment.

What should I have at home to make it baby safe?

  • A radiator guard that prevents your baby from burning himself.

  • Glass safety films to cover your glass doors to prevent them from breaking. These might be also used on glass-top tables.

  • Door slam stoppers that prevent doors from shutting on children’s fingers and stop children from shutting themselves in a room.

  • Drawer and cupboard catches that allow a cupboard or a drawer to open a few centimeters unless an adult releases the catch.

  • Window locks that restrict windows from opening more than 6.5 cm.

  • Stair gates that keep children away from stairs where serious injuries occur.

  • Plastic inserts to cover electric outlet openings.

  • Plastic corner covers, to cover the table corners and prevent any accident

Remember that your baby’s safety is the most important thing!

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