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Keep Your Baby Warm

On these stormy cold days, keeping your baby warm is one of your most important concerns! We all know that we shouldn’t use thick bedding for baby’s crib especially during the first six months of his life. Experts even recommend putting babies to sleep without any pillows or coverings at all in order to prevent accidental suffocation which is believed to be a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome.

How to keep my baby warm at night then?

  • Use pajamas with feet for your baby to sleep in. For an extra layer, put a bodysuit or undershirt underneath the pajamas.

  • Try to keep the room at a temperature of 22C degrees. You can use a heater in the room but remember that these become risky when the baby starts to move.

  • To warm cold sheets, place a hot water bottle or a heating pad in the bed for a while before bedtime, but don’t forget to remove it before putting your baby to sleep.

  • If your baby’s skin is blotchy and you feel that his legs, arms and cheeks are cool, add a layer of cloth or cover his head with a hat.

Just remember that overheating your baby isn’t at all beneficial, so if he’s damp of sweating, take a layer off and change his clothes so that some air can flow over his skin.

How to keep my baby warm when we go out?

  • Remember a general rule that your child needs one more layer of clothes than you do.

  • After you dress your baby in his outfit for the day, slip him into a snowsuit just before you go out. The snowsuit is a great buffer against the cold and snow.

  • Never go out without putting a hat on your baby’s head.

  • Cover your baby’s hands with gloves and knowing that babies tend to suck on their hands, always keep an extra pair or two of gloves with you.

  • If you’re taking your baby on a trip in the car, cover your baby with a blanket after putting him in his car seat, but you should remove the blanket once the car warms up.

  • Once you’re indoors, even if it’s for a quick stop at the supermarket, remove at least one layer off your baby.

Remember that even in winter it is essential for your baby to get fresh air, so follow the previous tips and take your little one out.

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